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Seek Stillness...

June 4, 2015
Diffusing power, Emitting Power, Stillness...…

True Nature

May 11, 2015
 Tiger is the same beast, Killing it's prey, or licking it's cubs…

Moments and events...

August 20, 2013
When we speak of rememboring past, there are so many ways we can decribe these accounts…


August 17, 2013
Imagine the ease you can achieve your goal is like the archer hitting it's intended mark…

Unseen Threads...

August 10, 2013
Imagine all of Global society being represented by the Spider, and each community by a thread…

Flight For Peace and Healing...

August 1, 2013
It is my intention as I travel the world, teaching and doing healing, on both people and animals in sanctuaries, to aid all humanity in understanding about living as Spirits with a Human experience…

Connection Is Everything

July 8, 2013
However you do things in one aspect of your life is how you do things in every aspect of your life.


I had a distant healing session with Ted a few days ago which was the most powerful and nurturing remote healing I have ever received. I am a Reiki Master Teacher & Bars Facilitator & have experienced many healings but nothing ffelt like this one. I truly felt his loving presence with me & slept like a baby feeling completely energized and ready to meet all my goals by the next morning! Thank You Ted

Meryl Vandana BrininBrooklyn, NYhttp://

My son now 23, began seeing psychiatrists and consulting with school psychologists since the age of 5. He is not taking any medicine for it, but he does take other substances, which I think take away his motivation in life. He lives with me and helps me some, but I think he could do better for himself. He works odd jobs, has two part time jobs, he does not drive a car, failed 5 times the written test, and he looses his FL ID, wallet, and house keys all the time. I know that the energy you sent him last night helped him because he usually doesn’t write on Facebook…and… this is what he wrote today: “My mind is being bombarded by information @__@”. This is a start :) Thank you Ted…. Namaste

NormaMiami, Florida

Ted possesses strength for all of us, his clients. He is very attentive to your needs, knows how to give you the best energy possible for the next step you take on in your life.


Ted is an amazing inspiration to life, well-being and spirituality. He\’s helped me in so many ways. Try it for yourself. You can only win!


I had a great overall experience and I’m going to seek Ted’s help whenever necessary because you are very good at what you do. I felt no pain in my neck or back this morning as I was getting up, I feel like I had a really good night sleep, relaxed, just a little discomfort around my shoulders but as the day went by the pain went away….BEAR HUGS!!! THANK YOU TED!!!

NormaMiami, Florida

I was very lucky to be one of his classmates. He is a wonderful person..hope to see you at our class reunion

Kim Ziska GentryNew Lebanon, Ohio

I am glad to see another master to work with me in this lost society. I am a shaman from past life and my power animal is also a hawk, I did not know this until I found myself flying and looking through the eye\’s of a hawk and looking through other peoples eye\’s without knowing who they were. Teaching higher consciousness to the world is my job now. Nice to meet you.


Seeing Ted for the first time was amazing he\’s very true with what he says he\’s Lovely and funny all at the same time, he comes over full of energy and happy spiritually he has that abilitey to send it out to everyone who\’s around him. After the Philosophy of Healing Lecture I put my name down to see him again to have 40 Mins Healing session, I felt very Relaxed while Ted sat at the side of me doing breathing teqniques that he does to send the energy flowing, I felt at first a sensation that came from the top of my head down to my feet like a rush of energy and also while my eyes where shut I saw clouds of grey shadows coming away from my body, I also felt as though there was somebody else with us doing Reiki from head to feet I didnt feel hands just knew there was somebody over me, when Ted had finished I was abit unsteady on my feet and was given a glass of water, Ted told me I had to day drink 2Ltrs of water to detox when I got home which I did, The next morning ooh felt awful I felt so ill but couldnt understand why ? It was a strange feeling my body felt exhausted this lasted a few days all the energy I did have seemed to go, I was very confused but just thought I must be coming down with something or what Ted had done was starting to work. Julie rang from Birstall Wellbeing to see how I was she told me I was going through a Healing crisis, where all the badness stress etc :- was coming away, which i can understand now becouse having healing done is really taking away, releasing all tension, stress, emotions and such a kind of cleansing of your body as we put it through alot and dont realise it. At the moment a week on today Im starting to feel better in myself gradualLy, I do Reiki myself and have had Reiki done, but never experianced such Healing energy coming from this person which was so strong. Ted is one of them people you will never forget and I Will recomend him to my friends and family !! and will see him again when he comes back to England. All the best Ted hope you have enjoyed being over here hope to see you again soon. Love Helen Duggan x

Helen DugganLeeds England
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